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Omar Haddad is a multi-instrumentalist, mainly a guitarist, lead singer-songwriter, and violinist. He works regularly at the United Nations through UCT International Culture Development, Inc., an organization with consultative status in the UNESCO, which promotes peace, unity, and creativity at events featuring arts and music.  UCT works to transform the world via the U. N. Sustainable Development Goals, a program designed to improve life quality all around the world consisting of 17 points, including good health, well-being, and the arts.

Omar has also recorded strings for world renowned and award winner actress and musician Elizabeth McGovern, recorded and performed with Bakithi Kumalo of Paul Simon, performed for Amma, the Hugging Saint of India, and with Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  As a member of the The Glory Gospel Singers he has also performed at the yearly Polymanga Festival in Montreux, Switzerland, working side by side with celebrities such as Jack Gleeson, Jennifer Morrison, Billy Zane, and many others.  Omar has held a music executive position as an A & R and Social Media Team Director for Mi5 Recordings, a record label under the Universal Music Group umbrella with former guitarist for Modern English Ted Mason as president.

Omar is of Arab descent, was born in Canada, raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is based in New York City since 2007 and in the Hamptons since 2017.  His influences include jazz, rock, pop, Latin, and classical music, and these styles come together in the songs he writes for THUS, his rock band.  Omar is currently recording his album of original songs at Monk Music Studios with Cynthia Daniels, Grammy-Winning producer and engineer for Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Julie Andrews, Alec Baldwin, and many other top artists in music, film, television, radio, and other media.  His debut CD was Ceremony, a jazz-fusion guitar-piano duo recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and released in NYC in 2009.

Omar is also a solo guitarist, playing both instrumental jazz arrangements with three-part improvisation (bass, chord, and melody) and classical music on electric guitar, as well as a solo classical violinist.  He also collaborates with Inspiration Plus, a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization based in Sag Harbor, NY that promotes arts, science, and music.  He recently performed for the opening of the Solar Impressions Juried Exhibition and the International Masters Collection, two simultaneous exhibitions at the Southampton Arts Center.  The exhibits showcased works made on solarplate, a revolutionary method for etching created by Sag Harbor artist and master printmaker Dan Welden, and the solo performance explored the connections between the aural and visual arts.

Omar has also had acting roles in the award-winning film Camera Obscura and the sitcom Los Roldán, he has been a big band conductor and arranger, and his vast teaching experience includes several of NYC’s public and private schools.  Having taught students in guitar since 1997, violin since 2003, and music ensembles, he has crystallized his experience in A Comprehensive Course for the Guitar Apprentice, his forthcoming book.

Omar grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studying with Alejandro Moro and later with renowned guitar player Pino Marrone.  Between 2004 and 2007 Omar performed for cruise lines, and while on the job he took a mentorship in sound reinforcement with Jeffrey Gile, former engineer of Jimi Hendrix and The Doobie Brothers among other famous artists.  The job also enabled Omar to move to NYC and take the BFA jazz performance program at The City College of New York, where he studied with John Patitucci, was awarded a full scholarship from the Kaye foundation, and graduated with honors including Summa Cum Laude.  During the program, Omar studied classical music on electric guitar with Oren Fader and voice with Neal Harrelson, and he has studied jazz fusion with internationally acclaimed electric guitarist Mike Stern.  His violin studies include teachers Julio Graña at National Arts University of Argentina, acclaimed soloist Rafael Gintoli, and New York Philharmonic vioinist Fiona Simon.